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Technical Questions

Can we use E-learning Modules on Mac-OS?


Is it safe to buy your products online?

Yes, completely. We do not save your Netbanking/ Credit Card/ Debit Card information.

How often do I have to connect to internet?

You must be connected to internet all the time you use our service.

What if I have problem downloading my software?

We tested download issues and achieved 100% test results. However, if you have problem with downloading software, you can write us at contact@indaslab.com

How do I receive updates to my subscription?

Content Updates are automatically added to your subscription when they are available.

Are service and support included in my subscription?


When an upgrade to my subscription product becomes available, am I required to install it?

All content upgrades will automatically become available.

My subscription has expired. How do I renew it?

You can login to your dashboard. Here you will find a button “Renew” from where you can buy Modules/ Other Services.

What if my query is not resolved through FAQs?

You can always write email from registered email address to contact@indaslab.com

Individual Buyer Questions

How many subscriptions can a single person purchase?

A single user can purchase only one subscription. However, multiple users can be purchased by a single entity.

How can we convert Free Subscription into Paid Subscription?

You can buy various modules/ services at our Video Page.

What does my subscription include?

Login into your account and details of your subscription will appear on your dashboard.

Can I claim refund in case I cancel my subscription before 3 months?


When does my subscription begin?

Subscription begins as soon as you pay.

Can someone else (friend, relative, etc) make a payment instead of me?

However, somebody else needs to register you while subscribing for the intended modules/ service. Thus, that somebody else needs to offer your personal details such as email ID, contact number, membership number, etc.

Do you offer discounts for your courses?

We offer Corporate Discounts on Bulk Purchases. For more details please write email tocontact@indaslab.com with required number of subscriptions.

What type of payment method is acceptable?

You can use either Net Banking/ Credit Card/ Debit Card for payment.

How to create my account?

Simply provide Personal Details with correct contact information and you will have access to our free content.

Do you offer private lessons on-line?

We do not offer private lessons.

Corporate Buyer Questions

I am an employer and I want to distribute subscriptions to my employees. Is there any way to do that?

Please send your bulk purchase requirement to contact@indaslab.com

Are there any corporate discounts?

Yes. We do offer corporate discounts on bulk subscription. For bulk subscription of 5 or more subscriptions please contact contact@indaslab.com