Non-Current Assets

  1. PPE
  2. Capital Work in Progress
  3. Investment Property
  4. Goodwill
  5. Other Intangible Assets
  6. Intangible Assets under Development
  7. Biological Assets
  8. Financial Assets
    • Investments
    • Trade Receivables
    • Loans
    • Others
  9. Deferred Tax Assets
  10. Other Non-Current Assets

Current Assets

  1.  Inventories
  2. Financial Assets
    • Investments
    • Trade Receivables
    • Cash & Cash Equivalents
    • Bank Balances (other than C&CE)
    • Loans
    • Others
  3. Current Tax Assets (Net)
  4. Other Current Assets

We will soon be publishing a commentary on each component of Asset.

Stay Tuned!

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