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CA Final New Syllabus

Part I

Exclusive Content on

Litigation Liability

CA Final New Syllabus

Part II

Exclusive Content on 

Functional Currency

Exclusive Content on 

PPE & Decommissioning

CA Final New Syllabus

Part III

Exclusive Content on

MAT and Ind AS

Simplified Ind AS/ IFRS in Your Language

Are you first time visitor to ‘Ind AS World’? Looking for the simplified version of Ind AS?

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Future Economic Benefits, Control, Convertibility into cash/ capability to reduce cash flows, Financial Vs. Non-Financial Classification


Present Obligation, duty to act/ perform, binding contract/ statutory requirement, Discounting of Long Term Provisions

Profit & Loss

Revenue = Income + Gain, Ordinary Activities, Interest, Dividends, Royalties, and Rent, Losses + Expenses, wages and depreciation, OCI


Funds contributed by shareholders, retained earnings, reserves, statement of changes in equity
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Strategy & Financial Engineering


EPS & Valuation

Ind AS and Financial Management

Learn how Ind AS would impact Financial Ratios and KPI of the entity.

BOD Corner

CFO Corner

Ind AS & Tax


Ind AS & MAT

Ind AS and Financial Management

Learn how Ind AS would impact Financial Ratios and KPI of the entity.

Exam Perspective

Conceptual Clarity

Simplified Language

Academia & Industry

Application of theory & practice

over 1000 concept papers, stimulus and flow charts


Flow Charts


IFRS Complied Annual Reports





Great Content, Secured Experience

professional. friendly. detailed.

We Work on Paragraphs of Standard and Each Elements of FS

End-to-End Ind AS Solutions

Ind AS Implementation

Build Ind AS Accounting Manual, Opening Ind AS Compliant B/s, Quarterly Statements, Notes

Corporate Trainings

Customised Training Sessions for BOD, Management and Employees

Virtual Classes

Live Online Sessions on Diploma in IFR (by ACCA)


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